Buy/Sell Plus Marketing

Buy/Sell Plus offer tools to help you increase revenue by marketing your shop

Buy/Sell Plus allows you to track customer data, demographics and referrals. Read on to learn about the other tools you’ll have available to you once you begin using our software!

SMS Texting

Buy/Sell Plus’s Text Messaging add-on let’s your opt your customers in to receive SMS messages letting them know about a sale or even when an item they’ve been looking for in stock.
You can also set up security alerts for yourself and your management team to let you know when certain activities take place in your store, no matter where you are.

Protection Plan

Protection Plans provide both a sense of comfort to your customers making and an additional revenue stream for you.

Mass Inventory Update

softwareReducing inventory prices can increase inventory turns which will increase your profits because you’ll be moving more inventory. Our Mass Pricing Update allows you to reduce the price of a certain type of item or everything in a certain location that has been in inventory for an excessive amount of time. You can do a weekend sale, or a full-out clearance to move old inventory.

Customer Demographic Reports

Capturing customer demographics can help you understand more about the people who frequent your shop. Try running a report to see how much each customer demographic is spending in your shop. You may adjust your marketing strategies based on your results.

Marketing Summary Report

softwareIf you’re asking your customers how they heard about you, you can track which marketing efforts most effective for you. This will help you put your marketing dollars to good use.

Aged Inventory Report

softwareKnowing what items are not moving is key. Buy/Sell’s Aged Inventory report will allow you to view a list of inventory that has been on the shelf for a long time. Often just moving the item to a new location in the shop will help it to sell. You can also discount these items or post them to Craigslist or eBay using e-foro.

e-foro eCommerce Integration

With e-foro, you will have a tool to simplify the process of listing items out to eBay, Craigslist and Gunbroker. E-foro is fully integrated with Buy/Sell Plus so posting your items to one or multiple eCommerce channels is a breeze.

Customer Loyalty Points

You can use loyalty points to increase return visits and increased transaction amounts. Customers accumulate points they can redeem in your store with each purchase. Your Customer Loyalty Program is fully customizable, so someone on our support team will help you set it up.

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