Buy/Sell Plus is the inventory management and point of sale software that allows the flexibility to grow with your business.

Buy/Sell Plus is known for being the most customizable management system in the industry. The evolution of Buy/Sell Plus is the result of nearly 30 years of innovation driven by feedback from customers just like you!

The Buy/Sell Plus Advantage

We understand your business is unique. During your setup, we work with you to help you choose a strategy best for your business. Our easy-to-navigate interface makes Buy/Sell Plus simple to learn and maximizes speed at the counter. Buy/Sell Plus’ reports are designed to make your business more profitable and efficient, and built-in marketing tools will bring your customers in again and again.

Our industry-leading technical support, development, and training teams are here to take your Buy/Sell Plus experience to the next level. Our caring and knowledgeable in-house technical support team is here for you, so you’ll never be stuck filtering through how-to videos and articles to answer your questions.


Shop Management Features

software - cash drawer
Cash Drawer Management

Keep it simple or make it as detailed as you want. Run a single cash drawer or track multiple employee cash drawers with security features to protect your business.

software - layaways

Capture layaway transaction details by brand, model, and serial number. Maintain payment history and generate receipts or payment statements. Automatically send reminders and late notices.

software - item customer photo
Item & Customer Photo Management

Take several pictures of every item. You can also add a photo to your customer profile so you can recognize and verify repeat customers.

software - sales management
Sales Management

Capture sales transaction details by brand and model. Quickly track your inventory, cost of goods sold, inventory turns, and profit margins. Expedite your sales process by easily scanning barcodes.

Inventory Features

software - inventory control w/ barcode
Inventory Control w/ Bar Coding

Control inventory or perform audits and sales using handheld scan guns, increasing speed and accuracy.

Employee Management Features

software - employee profitability
Employee Profitability

Track employee profitability with reporting that shows exactly how much profit staff members are generating on each transaction. Use reporting features to compare staff against other employees or shop averages.

software - time clock
Time Clock

Track and manage your employees’ clock-ins and -outs with Buy/Sell Plus’ built-in time clock.

Pricing Features

software - mass inventory pricing
Mass Inventory Pricing

Discount aged inventory or adjust prices quickly.

software - price guide
Price Guide

Immediately access historic sales and buying data on items in your shop.

Miscellaneous Features

software - atf compliance
ATF Compliance

Firearm licensed dealers will have the confidence of knowing that all required firearm information is entered with every gun transaction.

software - customer history
Customer History

Use the Customer History Tab to access a complete history of every transaction that has taken place with each of your customers.

software - multi level security
Multi-Level Security

Easily control staff security levels on menus, reports, and functions to prevent unauthorized access.

software - repair sales
Repair Sales

Quickly record repair transaction details including fees and product descriptions. Track repairs that have been sent out and automatically send reminders when they are due back.

software - robust customer details
Robust Customer Details

Imagine if you knew exactly how much revenue each customer brought to your store. With Buy/Sell Plus, this data is right in front of you! Understanding your customers spending activity and actions allows you to make sound business decisions.


Maximize cash flow and protect your investments with Buy/Sell Plus. Leverage our nealy 30 years of experience.
  • World-Class Support
  • Elite In-House Development Team
  • First-Class Software Training
  • Top-notch Reporting Capabilities
  • Unmatched Customer Satisfaction
  • Compliance capabilities with Local, Federal, and State laws
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If you’re in an industry that requires compliance protocols, Buy/Sell Plus gives resellers the tools necessary to do business in all 50 states while staying compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Our software provides electronic police submission tools that are modified to local or state law enforcement file formatting specs. Our in-house development department incorporates truth and lending laws, ATF laws and changes, and FCC laws when coding new releases.

Local tools include uploading ticket information or file formats to local law enforcement

State level provides access to calculations for chargeable rates, number of days to hold onto merchandise, background checks, and state tax rates

Federal level includes mandates on calculations and ATF reporting changes.


At Buy/Sell Plus, technical support services and software updates are included in your software agreement – you never have to pay extra for support.

Technical support personnel are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 8 PM EST and Saturday, 9 AM – 6 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

To reach us by phone please call 1-888-949-7296.

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Training is the fastest route to success within Buy/Sell Plus. We offer several training options to help you and your employees fully utilize all of Buy/Sell Plus’ features. Our goal is to make sure that you understand how to maximize your revenue and profits. Our team of subject matter experts are well versed in the Buy/Sell Plus software as well as the resell industry.

Our training programs are designed to help beginners get up and running quickly, and we’re also available to teach experienced users how to gain a better understanding of the rich reporting and advanced money making features within Buy/Sell Plus.

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